Multidiscipline Engineering – Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering for Continuous Improvement & Bottom-Line Results

Matrix Technologies provides comprehensive industrial engineering services as an early design consideration to help manufacturers implement the most efficient processes and equipment possible.

Our industrial engineering expertise helps ensure that everyone has a complete understanding of the process as well as present and future production requirements.

Industrial Engineering Services for Continuous Improvement

  • Lean Initiatives
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Flexible Assembly
  • Automation
  • Training
  • Kaizen Events

Finding Solutions to Enhance Profit

  • Three Shifts to Two Shifts
  • No Overtime
  • Overhead Personnel Reduction / Containment
  • Consolidation
  • True Variable Cost Adjusting on a Weekly Basis
  • Maximum Asset Utilization
  • Maximizing Short-term Profits and Establishing Flexibility for Long-term Growth
  • Launch Success
  • True Constraint Management
  • Overhead Containment
  • Flexible Production
  • Maximum Core Process Utilization
  • Showroom Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Design