Multidiscipline Engineering – 3D Design

Advanced 3D Design Capabilities

3D design has transformed engineering by enabling you to visualize your project while it’s being designed.

Matrix Technologies is at the forefront of 3D design. We have made significant investments in design automation tools for all our engineering services. Our CAD specialists use industry-standard tools like AutoCAD, Microstation, and Bentley Design Suite, with supplementary 2D design, to create accurate models of facilities, processes, and equipment that reflect how your project will look at completion.

Our advanced 3D design capabilities guarantee the quality of the design, create efficiencies, and maximize productivity. Our process saves time and money by limiting costly changes and delays during construction, reducing man-hour costs on projects, eliminating errors, and streamlining information-sharing between all engineering disciplines.

Advantages of Matrix’s 3D Design Services

  • Improved Designs: Using 3D CADD, designers and customers have the ability to interact and work out problems early in the design, rather than when the job is complete. This improves design quality and saves time on complex projects.
  • Proper Equipment Specifications: We begin the modeling process by developing the database of components to be used in the model. By building these from your specifications, it becomes impossible to choose the wrong part for your plant.
  • Real-time Updates: Structural and piping designers work in the same model. Changes made by one designer are instantly available for others to see.
  • Better Design Reviews: Client reviews using the 3-D model are more productive as everyone can truly “see the future.” No special software is needed for you to review and manipulate the model.
  • Interference Checking: Our advanced software alerts designers to problem areas where pipe, steel, insulation, or cable tray may intersect.
  • True Plan and Section Drawings: 2D drawings are created by “slicing” the 3D model. These drawings are also live and automatically updated as the 3D model is changed.
  • Easy Piping Isometric Drawings: 3D modeling software creates piping isometric drawings through the ISOGEN module. Output can be customized to meet your drawing standards.
  • Accurate Bills of Material: Since each item within the model is chosen from the project specifications, an accurate count and description of all of the components can be obtained from the 3D model.