Manufacturing Operations Management – Operational Excellence (MOrE)

Matrix Operational Excellence Evaluation (MOrE)

Mapping Your Business Processes to Improve Your Operations

New capital investment isn’t always available for modernizing a manufacturing plant or process. Matrix Technologies offers a comprehensive operational evaluation, MOrE, that can help you optimize the performance of your existing processes and improve your business. This rigorous approach can quickly identify the most effective use of your limited resources and ways to produce the fastest return on investment, enabling faster approval and effective implementation of important projects.

Our engineering experts work closely with you in a multistep process to identify key areas for improvement. We thoroughly document your current manufacturing operations or systems to understand features and shortcomings and identify the changes needed to meet your business requirements. Then, using industry standards and best practices, our consultants develop a strategic vision document for your operation that can be implemented in a phased manner.

This rigorous approach to your needs will quickly identify the most effective use of your limited resources and identify areas for the most rapid return on investment. You will be able to get your most important projects approved more quickly and implemented effectively.

The MOrE Approach:

Section 1: Develop attainable business value by interviewing your personnel and performing a site walkthrough to identify:

  • Business factors that drive improvement
  • Estimated value of each improvement
  • Operational vision: Long-term and short-term goals
  • New capabilities

Section 2: Detail system and operational changes and budgetary costs to deliver new capabilities:

  • Operational/user requirements definition
  • Evaluate and select solution components (hardware, software, and/ or operational)
  • Schedule and resources needed
  • Acceptance criteria for success

Section 3: Implement the identified projects to gain immediate operational improvements:

  • Proposal developed and delivered
  • Functional specifications and detailed design documentation
  • Development and testing documentation
  • Training and transition plans

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