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Operational Technology

Keeping track of user access, software patches, licensing, complying with regulatory requirements, and other Operational Technology (OT) tasks can be daunting. Matrix Technologies is here to help. Our team’s experience with designing Industrial Automation Control System (IACS) architectures and implementing these systems will improve your ability to monitor, manage, and maintain your site that directly improves the bottom line.

Some of our Operational Technology services include:

  • Designing and implementing IACS domains on platforms such as Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Utilizing IACS domains facilitates the three base types of security required to control access to information and intellectual property: Authentication, authorization, and auditing.
  • Software Installation and Configuration per vendor best practices.
  • Implementation of Offline Development Systems. Similar to consumer systems, industrial manufacturing systems are at risk to computer viruses and malware. Software companies like Microsoft and VMware periodically provide patches to their products. Control system software vendors similarly provide product patches. Upgrading the systems running your manufacturing process carries risk, and testing the patches and upgrades against an offline development system can ease concerns and mitigate potential downtime by confirming that changes will function as intended.
  • System and Software Licensing. Matrix can identify and specify the appropriate software and licensing for the modern control system, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Veeam, and more.
  • Setup and configuration of Database systems. The databases included with control system and information system products may not be optimized for your facility’s use case. System tuning, optimization, and regular backups can ensure your database systems continue to function efficiently and effectively.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Secure Remote Access.
  • Regulatory Compliance.

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