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A conventional computer can only run a single operating system on a single, physical hardware platform. Virtualization decouples the computer operating system from the physical hardware in such a way that allows multiple independent and isolated operating systems to run and share the same hardware simultaneously.

Utilizing virtualization for industrial control systems can present numerous benefits. Depending on the investment, a virtualized control system can require lower maintenance costs due to requiring fewer physical computers, consuming less electricity, automatically creating backups of critical control system components, and alerting you to any internal system faults.

More advanced virtualization systems can cluster multiple physical computers together to detect and withstand power loss scenarios, network failures, and allow upgrading of physical hardware or replacement of failing components without requiring a control system outage.

The experts at Matrix Technologies can work with you to help make technical decisions regarding virtualization. We can procure and install equipment, setup and configure physical components, install control system software packages, and deliver a turnkey control system to you on virtual infrastructure.

Some of our virtualization services include:

  • Determining the right hardware platform that meets your facility’s usage and maintenance requirements.
  • Selecting an appropriate Hypervisors platform. Hypervisors are software programs that allow multiple “guest” operating systems like Microsoft Windows to run on a single physical computer.
  • Physical-to-Virtual conversions (P2V). Matrix will migrate aging physical computer systems, as required, to run on modern virtual computers.
  • Configuring High Availability (HA) and Redundancy. These features of higher-end virtualization systems enable the detection of component failures, and can restart virtualized systems automatically.
  • Configuring centralized Storage and Storage Area Network (SAN). Our team can configure storage and SAN fabric to consolidate your data storage needs into physical hardware shared by multiple server hosts.
  • System Upgrades. If your current virtualization system is reaching its limits, Matrix can help you upgrade or expand your systems’ capabilities to run more virtualized computers, better handle failure scenarios, and prepare you for future growth.

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