Discrete Manufacturing

Experts in Discrete Manufacturing Processes

Matrix Technologies is the leading integrator for the discrete manufacturing industry and the engineering partner of many of the world’s top manufacturers.

Whether you need to modernize a plant or process to boost production and reduce downtime, get real-time access to manufacturing intelligence to improve efficiency and system flexibility, or create an entirely new manufacturing facility from the ground up, Matrix has the expertise and experience to help you achieve success.

Discrete Manufacturing, Matrix Technologies, Barcode ScannerWe have designed thousands of systems, processes, and facilities to produce discrete products such as appliances, automotive parts, warehouse systems, or other discrete manufacturing process. Our engineering experts have in-depth knowledge of every facet of manufacturing from part supply to assembly, testing, and packaging.

We can help you cut costs, speed new product development, increase output, and eliminate waste throughout your operations. We also can help you ensure product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Capabilities & Experience

Matrix Technologies has experience with the following:

  • Conveyor and Assembly Line Control
  • Vision Inspection
  • Barcode Labeling/ID Identification
  • Radio Frequency Tags
  • Data Collection
  • Parts Genealogy
  • Test Stands
  • Device Networking
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Material Handling
  • Press Control
  • Paint and Coating Processes

Some of our most challenging system integration work is in discrete manufacturing. We have combined many advanced technologies to create integrated, state-of-the-art control and data collection systems. Whether your application is new or a retrofit, large or small, our experienced engineering and design teams can help create a world-class production system that meets or exceeds your expectations.