Biotech / Pharmaceutical – Batch Solution

Developing Cost-Effective, Flexible Batching Systems

Matrix Technologies has decades of experience in designing new batching systems or updating existing systems to boost production capacity when market demands change. We have in-depth expertise in Biotech / Pharmaceutical – Batch Solution for many industries, including product manufacturing that must comply with federal regulations.

We take a modular approach to system design and implementation and specialize in cost-effective, expandable solutions to increase your flexibility. In the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, this is especially important to ensure consistent and traceable product quality.

Our experienced process engineers can help you update systems that are difficult to maintain and maximize the performance of your existing equipment. We also can help you get an entirely new process up and running and quickly achieve its highest level of efficiency.

Our batching system development services extend far beyond software and include process design, mechanical, electrical, and equipment design capability for any batching need. We use a proven project-delivery process that embraces your proprietary methods to ensure compliance with your standards and on-time, on-budget project completion.

How Matrix’s Comprehensive Biotech / Pharmaceutical – Batch Solution Capabilities Benefit You

  • Modular design for selection of only the features you need
  • Expandable by adding modules to base system
  • Developed to match most existing standards
  • Flexible batch sequencing based on S88 standard
  • Information and reporting based on S95 standard
  • Control of ingredient usage and product yield
  • Production tracking
  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Tailored to meet specific production needs
  • Flexible control and information architecture