What Customers Say

What Customers are Saying About Matrix

Matrix partners with our customers on many highly confidential and proprietary processes.  This work is governed by non-disclosure agreements that prevent us from sharing detailed information about their names, locations and projects.  While we carefully guard our customers intellectual property, we’d be happy to discuss our background and experience in more detail when we meet face-to-face. Please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.  Here is what customers say about Matrix;

“Just wanted to let you know that this package was the best package I have seen from Matrix in a long time. Very well done. My level of scrutiny usually is such that I find something on the drawings….I could not. Not saying that I did not miss something but I thought Matrix did a great job!

– Senior Refining Engineer, Major Oil/Gas Company

“Thank you for all of the hard work each and every one of you have provided on our project. We are very appreciative to have you working with us. It has been a busy yet productive year. We could not have gotten this far without you!

– Corporate Controls Engineer – Food Customer

“Our Preparation Services folks are very pleased with machine performance, HMI fit and finish, and the production reports. I enjoyed working with all of you and just wanted to share this important success!

– Project Manager – Pharmaceutical Company

“What Matrix accomplished based on studying P&IDs and a few conversations that we had is great! Good work to all the team.

– Operations Manager – Food Company

“You guys did a great job supporting the testing and startup of the process. You brought a wealth of experience and were valuable contributors to the successful startup of the process.”

– Corporate Controls Engineer, Major Food Ingredient Company

One of the best startups I have seen in the 25+ years I have been at the plant.

– Plant Engineer, Food Customer

“Please make sure that your team knows their efforts have been great. They all have gained a tremendous amount of respect from a lot of individuals here.

– Project Manager, Major Oil/Gas Company

“I was once again impressed with Matrix’s efforts, especially in the areas that I am most closely involved…checkout and startup. (Your team) couldn’t have been more helpful and easier to work with. The others from your company that supported them really show off Matrix’s depth.”

– Process Engineer – Major Food Manufacturer

“Your personnel integrate seamlessly with our staff and share our goals and concern for the projects. The work you perform for us is always performed with top quality and professionalism.

– Group Leader, Automotive Customer

“Throughout all of our projects, a few things are always experienced without fail: ability to listen, attention to detail, and superior training of our employees. Your company is the total package. From beginning to end, it is hard for me to pinpoint any weakness.”

– Engineering Manager, Food Customer

You all contributed very significantly to this (successful project) and I greatly appreciate it..”

– Project Manager, Food Customer

“Your engineer has efficiently worked with various groups within the plant to gather the information he needed and has secured the assistance he needed from contractors and plant personnel alike. The application he has developed is intuitive and solidly constructed.

– Project Engineer, Food Customer

“Thanks again for efficiently solving our issues and I’m sure we will work again in the future.”

– Systems Analyst, Chemical Customer

“…we would continue to utilize your services should the need arise and also provide Matrix as a reference to anyone who needed your services.”

– Project Engineer, Electronics Manufacturer

Thank you all for accommodating our ridiculous schedule fluctuations. In this case, it really helped out the plant and other testing operations. I really appreciate it.”

– Project Manager, Confidential Customer

Pleased with the effort your people give.

– Project Engineer, Food Customer

“I look forward to working with you on many more projects and find you and your staff to be a tremendous help.”

– Maintenance Manager, Automotive Customer

“Thanks again – you did an awesome job!

– Project Manager, Steel Customer

We have been very impressed with the progress of the project.”

– Project Manager, Chemical Customer

“(Your engineer) is doing a very good job.”

– Owner, OEM Equipment Supplier

Thank you for making my life easier.”

– Quality Manager, Beverage Customer

“Your engineer did an excellent job working with me.”

– Project Engineer, Steel Customer

“This event was the culmination of sixteen months of effort and represents a major milestone in our Level 2 systems upgrade and rewrite strategy. Congratulations to the team for a job well done. It’s good to know that we have an outstanding partner in Matrix Technologies.”

– Engineer, Steel Customer

“We all look forward to continuing what has been from our perspective a productive and enjoyable working relationship.”

– Engineering Manager, Food Customer

“All the work you’ve put in to help me through this migration has been greatly appreciated and shows how deserving of the award you are. You’re the best there is.

– Control Engineer, Food Customer

“Thank you all for the work you put in and the assistance you provided to make the commissioning and start-up go as well as it did. When the very first test batch passes QC, well, you can’t really get it much better than that!

– Control Engineer, Chemical Customer

I really appreciate your engineer’s dedication throughout the completion of the project this week. His efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

– Project Engineer, Chemical Customer

Your engineer, as always, was great with his support through finishing the installation and startup. He was also very good at providing training to all levels of plant personnel, from delivering general changeover and overview training to the operators to detailed technical training to maintenance technicians. I also appreciate his willingness to adjust his schedule to meet the needs of the plant which had three shifts of operations.”

– Project Manager, Consumer Products Customer

“Very happy with the startup and commissioning. This was our best startup yet.

– Project Manager, Food Customer

Your engineer did some superb troubleshooting and re-engineering to keep the project on schedule

– Control Engineer, Oil and Gas Customer

Your engineer has done a really nice job on this project this week. I hope we can utilize him on future projects.”

– Project Manager, Consumer Products Customer

Your engineer did a great job on Phase II – it went off without a hitch. His positive interactions with the maintenance electrician were key to Phase II’s success.”

– Project Manager, Food Customer

Your engineer did an excellent job on this project. There were a couple major programming challenges he was able to work through.”

– Project Engineer, Food Customer

“There is a significant tightening of the variability and a lowering of the fill quantity resulting in a savings that that will pay for this project in less than one month of operation.”

– Head of Manufacturing, Specialty Chemical Customer

This team has done an outstanding job keeping up with the pace of the aggressive detailed design schedule and fielding changes without sacrificing quality.”

– Electrical Engineer, Refinery Customer

Your folks bring the expertise we need for our process control systems and the level of service and professionalism is refreshing.”

– Engineering Manager, Chemical Customer

Your engineers have all done an excellent job in their respective roles for the projects I’ve been involved with. They’re all easy to work with, extremely sharp in their fields, and don’t mind going above and beyond when asked to do so. Plus, they have a great sense of humor which is definitely needed in this line of work.”

– Controls Specialist, Chemical Customer

“Your engineer’s PLC program changes launched with a flawless execution.”

– Plant Engineer, Food Customer

“A big THANKS to all who helped out in the outage. It ended up being a much bigger task than estimated. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication to getting the job completed safely.”

– Controls Engineer, Chemical Customer

I’m so impressed by your engineer’s performance that I’d like to keep him and two other Matrix engineers busy with project work 100% of the time.”

– Electrical Engineer, Chemical Customer

Your engineers did a great job yesterday on the system. I appreciate their help with this.”

– Project Engineer, Chemical Customer

All I can say is WOW! I have not had the chance to work with Matrix directly until this project. You have a great operation going on over there. Thank you for all your time and outstanding work so far!”

– Design Engineer, Food Customer

“This was a difficult installation and startup with several unforeseen hurdles. Your engineer has been an invaluable resource, stepping in and taking care of whatever needs to be done. I would welcome and recommend him on any of the projects we work on in the future.

– Project Engineer, Food Customer

“This is a very fast track project and we need experts like Matrix for project execution.”

– Corporate Engineer, Food Customer

Thanks again for all the good work and long hours. Your ability to bounce around all areas of our plant and quickly resolve new and old problems works well with my approach.”

– Process Engineer, Food Customer

“Being a former engineering consultant myself, I understand the importance of establishing and maintaining trust with clients. Your engineer has been a true ‘rock star’ in all of those aspects!”

– Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Customer

“I want to thank everyone involved with this outage for an excellent job. …a big thank you for a safe and smooth startup…. It went extremely well for the amount of items that were touched.”

– Controls Engineer, Chemical Customer

“I would like to complement your engineer for his attention to detail and support on this project. Very well done.

– Project Engineer, Food Customer

Your engineer did an excellent job for us. He is very knowledgeable, doesn’t try to over complicate things, listens to what you are requesting, asks questions, and gets clarification as needed. He does not have the ‘you need to do it my way attitude’ like we have seen before from others.”

– Plant Engineer, Consumer Products Customer

The programming team we have on site is top notch.

– Plant Engineer, Consumer Products Customer

“This was a project that offered unique technical challenges and needed the right person to get over the final hurdles. Your engineer’s broad mix of skills relating to both modern control theory and vintage DC controls along with a positive, can-do attitude were just the right mix needed to finish this job.

– Electrical Engineer, Energy Customer

Matrix was able to adjust manpower, schedule, and priorities to keep up with the changing needs of the refinery and a multiyear project. In addition to the base scope they were able to accelerate and/or take on additional scope as the requirements arose.”

– Project Manager, Refinery Customer

Your engineer is by far the best programmer I have worked with out here…because of his ability to understand and troubleshoot the electrical problems as well as doing the PLC and HMI programming.”

– Lead Electrician, Mining Customer