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Professional Arc Flash, Short Circuit & Protective Coordination Studies & Analysis

Each year at industrial sites across the country, there are numerous injuries caused by electrical accidents, some of which involve electrical arcs caused by short-circuits. These electrical accidents cause serious injuries and in some cases death, destroyed and damaged equipment, downtime and repair costs, litigation, and fines.

To keep employees safe, limit these types of injuries, and be compliant with OSHA regulations, consensus standards have been developed to analyze the risk and inform employees of how to be safe when working around electrical equipment.

Matrix Technologies is your full-service electrical design partner, ready to help ensure your facilities are safe and your personnel are prepared to work safely at all times. We offer a variety of services related to electrical safety and Arc Flash to help you avoid risks with safety and operational effectiveness, protect the safety and health of your employees, and comply with federal regulations.


Capabilities and Approach

Matrix will conduct an on-site field audit of your plant conditions and perform short circuit analysis and a protective device coordination study to determine the arc flash analysis values.

Our analysis will:

  • Audit your facility and identify the arc flash and shock hazards for each electrical component
  • Provide updated one-line diagrams
  • Perform analyses to determine underrated electrical equipment
  • Review the electrical distribution system to determine major NEC violations
  • Coordinate electrical protective devices to reduce nuisance tripping
  • Perform arc flash analysis utilizing the latest version of IEEE Std. 1584-2018 to determine the incident energy values
  • Analyze and recommend overcurrent protective device settings to reduce the PPE required to the lowest possible level
  • Provide Arc Flash Labels for your equipment detailing:
    • Arc Flash Boundary
    • PPE Category or Incident Energy Exposure levels to determine proper PPE
    • Shock Protection Boundaries and required PPE


  • List of Problem Areas and Recommended Solutions
  • Momentary and Interrupting Duty Summary Report
  • Protective Device Setting Report
  • Time Current Characteristic Curve (TCC)
  • Incident Energy Summary Reports
  • Arc Flash Study Report
  • Arc Flash Labels
  • Electronic Files
  • Training of Personnel
  • Coordination with Customer’s Safety Department
  • Optional Mitigation Services

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