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Helping Manufacturers Reduce Hazards, Protect Employees

Matrix Technologies helps the world’s leading industrial manufacturers address their most challenging safety concerns. A comprehensive risk assessment is the cornerstone of a successful machine safety strategy, enabling you to gain a thorough understanding of the potential hazards associated with your production equipment, machinery, and processes. The risk assessment process provides a documented guide to regulatory compliance, facilitates positive attitudes by company employees toward machine safety, and helps proactively identify safety-related hazards for individual tasks which could cause injury, downtime, and reduce productivity.

Risk Assessment Process

Leading safety organizations including TUV, IEC, NFPA, ANSI and ASSE have recognized and promoted the benefits associated with performing risk assessments based on industry published methodologies. Matrix utilizes the following process:

Task-Based Risk Assessment

  • Setup, operators, maintenance & sanitation personnel
  • Process design
  • Circuit architecture & machine guarding (controls, hard and removable guards)
  • Awareness means (signs, beacons, markings)
  • Training & administrative requirements
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Additional Risk Assessment Factors

  • Participation of key operations and maintenance personnel
  • Clarification of safeguarding, control architecture and safety performance requirements
  • Documentation of intent to produce a safe product or workplace
  • A safeguarding baseline
  • Identification of potential hazards both obvious and obscure
  • Ownership of safety in the operations and maintenance personnel ranks


  • Summary of machine parameters, risk assessment methodology, and risk assessment team members
  • Users and hazards identified and the risk reduction method for each pair
  • Potential mitigation techniques with budgetary cost estimate
  • Mitigation log for tracking purposes

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