Industrial Automation & Information – Automation Master Planning

Automation Master Planning for Long-Term Success

Matrix Technologies can develop an overall automation master plan for automation systems, legacy migration, and information management that integrates the types of automation equipment and software you want to use with your long-term plan for your manufacturing operations. You’ll have a clear vision for your future plans and investments.

Automation Planning

To remain competitive, manufacturers must transform plant floor data into information and make that information available in the proper context to decision-makers. Having a comprehensive strategy enables you to exploit manufacturing intelligence and gain a competitive advantage by effectively utilizing your assets and reducing production costs. In order to achieve this, you need a systematic approach:

  • A robust network to connect the various sensors and control systems;
  • A long-term plan for plant systems that encompasses existing and future technologies;
  • A data collection and archiving solution;
  • Analytical tools to provide insight into the manufacturing process.

Industrial Networking

Control system networks are the most important network on the factory floor. An effective network ensures that data reaches its destination rapidly and reliably. As a network is being designed and implemented, careful consideration has to be given to future needs and use of the system.

Matrix will design your network with enough spare capacity and scalability to incorporate additional as well as newer systems without compromising performance or reliability. We will work with you to fully understand your current and future requirements, then design and implement a robust and secure network that meets today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s requirements.

Data Collection

We have vast experience in multiple industries and can help you implement the best possible solution. With our experienced team, industry diversity, and extensive technology and process experience, we can identify and capture all the relevant data from different sources to provide contextual information for analysis and reporting.

Manufacturing Intelligence

We will assist your operational team in identifying and developing key performance indicators and metrics. These can then be deployed as part of drill-down dashboards to perform detailed analysis. Role-based reports can be developed for maintenance, quality, production, or continuous improvement teams.