Matrix Technologies opened a campus building near its existing headquarters

Jun 17, 2014

Matrix Technologies, based in Maumee, OH, a suburb of Toledo, provides Engineering, Process Design, Automation and Information solutions to manufacturers, enabling them to automate and improve the efficiency and productivity of their plants. The company has provided Engineering and Automation services to customers throughout North America and internationally. Projects have been designed and installed at thousands of customer locations across the globe.

“Over the past four years, we have experienced continued growth in revenue and employees, and our office was simply at capacity,” David Bishop, president of Matrix Technologies said, “The campus concept allows us to very cost-effectively add the needed space for more growth and to relieve some of the pressure in our existing headquarters. The new building is only a short walk from the main office, so it is very convenient.”

A group of about 20 engineers, project managers, department managers and support staff will immediately occupy the space. The building will ultimately house 60 personnel when at full capacity.

“We looked for space nearby that fit our company style and corporate culture,” says Bishop. “We did not have to look far to find it.” The new space will tightly integrate with the existing headquarters building, so that employees will be able to work seamlessly with their counterparts a short walk away. “Today’s technology allows for easy collaboration between our teams and we fully expect our teams to be as efficient working between facilities as they were working between the floors in the existing site.”

Many options were considered for the expansion of office space, including any of the several regional offices operated by Matrix Technologies. The corporation settled on the Maumee campus approach as the most appropriate. “Our close relationship with the University of Toledo, and the business-friendly atmosphere of Maumee certainly swayed our decision,” said Bishop.



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