Matrix Technologies Installs Solar Array at Corporate Headquarters

Oct 17, 2012

Matrix Technologies Inc., a process design and automation firm with corporate headquarters in Maumee (Toledo), Ohio, has made an investment in solar energy at their Maumee, OH headquarters.

The new solar array will be installed on the rooftop of the Matrix-owned office building. Matrix Technologies, Inc. engineers will coordinate the installation and integration of the generation equipment. “Our investment in this solar technology reflects on our overall corporate philosophy to help our customers become more efficient in their operations”, said David Bishop, President of Matrix Technologies, Inc. “This is just one more indication of our full support of technologies and designs that improve our impact on the environment, and our customer’s bottom line”.

Capitalizing on the solar panel expertise in the Toledo, OH area, the solar array will be comprised of solar panels built by First Solar, headquartered in Tempe, AZ. From raw material sourcing through end-of-life product collection and recycling, First Solar is focused on creating cost-effective renewable energy solutions that protect and enhance the environment. In keeping with the philosophy of using local resources, Matrix will also utilize local construction manager Romanoff Electric to perform the installation of the equipment.

The investment in solar technology follows the company’s core competency in the engineering and technology marketplace. “Many companies will tout their expertise in green technology and sustainability, but Matrix is showing our solid commitment to these goals through this investment in our own facility, said Mr. Bishop. “This investment gives us the opportunity to showcase our expertise in designing and applying these systems while embracing the core philosophy of sustainability.”

Founded in 1980, Matrix Technologies, Inc. provides process design engineering and factory automation to the top manufacturers in the world. With over 135 employees, including LEED certified engineers, and more than $20 million in sales, Matrix has a tremendous breadth of process and automation expertise focused in the food, pharmaceutical, biotech, glass, metals, and automotive industries – both nationally and internationally. Matrix has extensive international experience and has over 500 systems installed in 45 countries. Matrix Technologies has regional offices in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Denver/Boulder, Colorado. Click here to see the web cam. This picture is updated ever 15 min.


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