Matrix Technologies Celebrates Forty Years without a Lost Time Accident

Sep 15, 2020

Engineering Consulting and Systems Integrator Matrix Technologies, has achieved a major milestone of working forty years without a lost time accident (LTA) from a workplace injury or illness. The Company Leadership credits this achievement to the ongoing employee focus on safety due to the evolution of our Safety Program.

“Before you set out to perform any task, remember that your family, friends and co-workers are counting on your safe return,” is a quote from Dave Blaida, President/CEO.

At Matrix Technologies, SAFETY is at the top of our Core Fundamentals because we know our employees are our most valuable resource. As such, we owe it to them and their families to ensure they return home each and every day injury free. We are committed to maintaining a culture that values the safety and health of our employees, clients, and our environment. We are committed to every member of our company maintains a constant state of awareness, through relevant training. Our success as a company requires it and our clients demand it. With the use of our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Near-Miss programs, we accomplish our goal to work every day without an OSHA Recordable Injury or Lost-Time Accident. These programs also help reduce our first-aid injuries.

Training is Key

Our program is focused on training. Every employee is required to take a 2-hour, comprehensive, new employee safety orientation. From there, we offer and facilitate more than 20 different safety-training modules. These courses are geared to the daily tasks and hazards our employees may encounter in the office and in the field while at client sites. Through educating and equipping our employees and partnering with our Clients we achieve our goal of ZERO each year.

About Matrix Technologies

When industrial manufacturers turn to Matrix for assistance, it’s because they need a trusted partner that brings the resources and knowledge to deliver a successful project. We have served a wide variety of industries (food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, metals, glass, mining, automotive, and discrete manufacturing) for decades. Our industry teams will bring their knowledge and experience to your project to hit the ground running and ensure success.

Our customers also want to know that the time and money they are investing to build a relationship with us will be invested for the long run. Matrix has a 40 year history of providing top quality engineering services and more than 85% of our business is repeat engagements with satisfied customers. We focus on developing partnerships for the long term and look forward to adding you to the list of our partners.

Matrix Technologies is one of the largest independent process design, industrial automation engineering, and manufacturing operations management companies in North America. To learn more about our manufacturing operations management capabilities and our excellent safety record, contact Brian Thomas, COSS, Safety Engineer.


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