Matrix announces three new shareholders!

Feb 5, 2015

Matrix Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of three new shareholders in the corporation, Greg Pfleghaar, Scott Byrne PE, and Gerald (Jerry) Francis PE, PS.

“The selection of new shareholders in Matrix Technologies is a very important event for our company, our employees and our customers,” said David Bishop, President of Matrix Technologies.  “As our organization matures and grows, it is important to maintain our corporate culture, provide seamless management transitions and continue the level of customer service that our customers have come to expect.”

Greg Pfleghaar is a Department Manager in our Industrial Systems division and a technical expert in plant floor control systems design.  Mr. Pfleghaar began his career with Matrix Technologies in 1997 and holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering from Owens Technical College.  Greg manages a group of engineers that are focused on plant floor control and information systems deployed in a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical.  “Greg does a great job in balancing the customer and Matrix needs. He helps customers architect solutions that meet their short and long-term goals, while ensuring that those solutions fit the overall Matrix project plan,” said Bishop.  “When we have an opportunity to win a large control system project, Greg is one of the first people consulted.”

Scott Bryne, PE is a Department Manager in the Power, Instrumentation and Controls department.  Mr. Byrne began his career at Matrix Technologies in 2000.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University and is a registered professional engineer in Ohio.  Scott has extensive experience in the design of electrical and control systems in multiple industries, most recently focusing extensively on field network design for a major oil refinery.  “Scott has the perfect combination of technical expertise and managerial skill.  His department and team have recently completed the largest oil refinery project in our history,” said David Bishop. “He has developed an excellent reputation with our customers and with the team members at Matrix.”

Gerald (Jerry) Francis, PE, PS is a Senior Project Manager for Matrix Technologies.  Mr. Francis began his career at Matrix Technologies in 1998.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo and is a registered professional engineer in eight states, as well as a registered professional surveyor in Ohio.  Jerry has extensive experience in the design of industrial facilities and the processes within them.  As a Senior PM, he is tasked with managing larger and more complex multi-discipline projects. “Jerry does an excellent job managing projects for Matrix Technologies,” said David Bishop. “He carefully orchestrates each project to maintain the balance between the customer needs and the Matrix Technologies scope of work, to ensure that each project is a win-win situation.”


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