Parsec-Certified Partner Matrix Technologies Helps Chemical Client Analyze Data and Improve OEE

For many manufacturers, it is difficult to identify causes of low performance and lost capacity without a good and consistent overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) performance tracking solution. Many variables can contribute to unreported downtime or misinformation on blocked and starved conditions. Add in multiple work cells and facilities with nonstandard tracking and reporting, and the numbers may become even more skewed.

In the competitive landscape of digitalization and smart manufacturing, it is as important as ever to enable lean manufacturing. Understanding OEE and adopting continuous improvement processes to maximize availability, throughput, and quality potential is a must.

As a Parsec-certified partner, Matrix Technologies has assisted clients in determining contributors to OEE losses and improve efficiency by significant gains. To fulfill the requirements to get the key performance indicators and OEE in real time, Matrix Technologies can develop solutions using Parsec TrakSYS software.

For example, a specialty chemical company recently was looking to implement a software system to monitor and report the asset productivity of manufacturing operations at different sites using the OEE and total effective equipment performance (TEEP) methodologies. Measuring and recording OEE and TEEP would help identify the bottlenecks in the system and provide broad visibility to real-time OEE/TEEP performance. A major challenge was accounting for the OEE metrics in various processes at different sites.

Unlike simple discrete counts normally used in OEE metrics, sites using a roll/film process required special calculations for produce/consume measurements and tracking the end of a roll. This issue was compounded by a turret system which enables continuous roll production with an in-process splice when the turret rotates from roll to roll. The end solution would enable the site to analyze the key contributors to OEE/TEEP losses recorded by the system and to plan accordingly for improvements.

In a continuous chemical process, the OEE solution had to allow for variable production rate calculations based on the product being produced and quality disposition entries for produced rolls. Special calculations were applied for degradation of catalysts and product variations to provide effective metrics for the TEEP/OEE.

For other sites employing a batching process, the batching system assets are modeled in TrakSYS and serve as the key point of focus for TEEP/OEE data collection. TrakSYS then records event data and performance KPIs in relation to the assets and systems, enabling the installed solution to track the configured metrics providing the TEEP/OEE.

In the end, the TrakSYS solution for each site provides automated data collection for operational and process data to help detect operating periods that may qualify as an OEE or TEEP loss. Excessive periods of downtime or operating time constitutes a loss that is then flagged for manual characterization of the reason or cause from a standard list. This allows for grouped losses to be readily identified and improvements to be implemented to resolve bottlenecks or quality issues and take appropriate actions to improve productivity.

The results of the multi-site implementation provided needed information across the enterprise for fast response to problems with improved corporate visibility. Each site was able to improve root cause analysis with consistent availability of accurate production data. Many sites were able to increase performance when they were able to see real time performance metrics and to understand the number of short stops occurring and addressing the factors involved. This led to individual site OEE improvements and increases of production output. Operator involvement and commitment to continuous improvement has also increased throughout the sites.

Matrix’s ability to provide smart manufacturing solutions helps our client partners solve even the most difficult business problems. Our knowledge of various manufacturing industries and technologies enable our staff of experienced engineers to deliver quality and value with every project.

If you have are interested in OEE performance, operations management or a holistic manufacturing execution system (MES) solution, feel free to contact us to see how Matrix Technologies can help.

Matrix Technologies is one of the largest independent process design, industrial automation engineering, and manufacturing operations management companies in North America. To learn more about our manufacturing operations management capabilities and manufacturing process control solutions, contact John Lee, Senior Manager of Manufacturing Intelligence.

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