How a Partnership with Matrix Technologies Benefits You

We use loyalty programs daily for groceries, fuel, travel, clothing, entertainment and other purchases. These programs provide mutual benefit for the consumer as well as the business. Consumers receive incentives to patronize a particular business and the businesses receive more predictable sales.

An engineering partnership is another mutually beneficial relationship. Developing a partnership with an engineering services and systems integration company like Matrix Technologies, Inc. provides you with access to the multitude of experiences our 300-plus employees have acquired collectively over the past 40 years. We often leverage these experiences to help you develop clear project definition of scope, schedule and budget, thus allowing more diversification for your employees to oversee multiple capital investments. Consistent project execution and implementation are propagated.

A core engineering team assigned to the partnership ensures continuity on your projects, clear definition and understanding of roles and responsibilities, value-based engineering, and protection of intellectual property. This mutually beneficial model supports corporate standards development and enrichment based on industry best practices. The partnership may be expanded to also address document control procedures and templates.

In short, a partnership with Matrix Technologies, Inc. allows you to tackle complex projects with confidence, knowing we understand your unique operation.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Dedicated core team
    • Continuity and familiarity
    • Mutual benefit
    • Quick response and mobilization
    • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
    • Protection of intellectual property
  • Standards
    • Contribute to corporate standards development and enhancement based on best practices related to industry and safety
    • Document control procedures and templates
      • Level of detail required to meet expectations
    • Consistent project execution and implementation processes
  • Experience
    • Identify value-based engineering options to address original project basis
    • Identify and manage timeline and budget risks throughout project
    • Interface to contractors
      • Communicate scope and timeline requirements
      • Reduce RFIs and COs through construction management
    • Access to a vast knowledge base of process and technology advancements
  • Streamlined bidding process
    • Engineering services
    • System integrations services
    • Construction services
    • Pre-negotiated term and conditions
    • Negotiated rates

Matrix Technologies is one of the largest independent process design, industrial automation engineering, and manufacturing operations management companies in North America. To learn more about our manufacturing operations management capabilities and manufacturing process control solutions, contact Deborah Zimmerman, PE, Director of Project Management.

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