Vapor Recovery Units Electrical Upgrade

Vapor Recovery Units Electrical Upgrade

Customer: Oil and Gas Customer

Project Type: Electrical and controls upgrade

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies was commissioned to provide the Detailed Engineering, Programming, and Startup Design, for upgrading existing Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) utilizing GE Series 1 and Allen-Bradley SLC-5/03 PLCs, with new Control Logix PLCs at an oil terminal. The Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) is a process that uses hydrocarbon vapor mixed with air to turn the vapors into usable fuel.

Matrix provided the Engineering Design for the new VRU Motor Control Center (MCC) building and the design of the new foundation and steel platform. It included a written description for the demolition of an existing electrical building and switch gear platform.

Matrix designed the electrical system and provided drawings for the power and a lighting plan for the new building. Matrix coordinated with the Building and Electrical Contractors through the demolition and construction process of the new building.

The new ControlLogix PLCs were installed and programming was completed for the control of both VRUs. Matrix then developed simulation code to fully test the new Vapor Recovery Units programs, before shipping it to site for startup and commissioning.

Engineering Challenges: Lack of documentation on the existing systems, and the differing existing control platforms required detailed field work to be performed.

Project Outcome: Successful project started up on time