PlantPAx Migration

PlantPAx Migration

Customer: Chemical Customer

Project Type: Control system upgrade and replacement.  Electrical design and software development.

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies performed an upgrade from a legacy Honeywell Experion PKS 3.1 system to a new ControlLogix platform for this customer in Illinois. Honeywell has discontinued these Experion products, leaving the customer with a system that was not easy to support and difficult to upgrade with the current hardware. The facility is a primary manufacturer of a key ingredient to many companies, and as such, could not tolerate any more downtime than absolutely necessary. Additionally, once the system is started, it must run 24/7.

The bulk of the project involved upgrading the Honeywell Experion with Rockwell Automation technology. The update gave the customer advantages of improved batch, historian, and reporting capabilities. In addition, during the implementation, the new PLCs were required to communicate with existing Honeywell PLCs. For the HMI, Matrix used Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View and PlantPAx objects. Matrix was required to develop the system with full simulation to provide for Factory Acceptance testing prior to implementation. Commissioning activities included I/O checkout and startup, within a 5 day shutdown.

Matrix performed a phased startup. Matrix engineers set one tank up with the new system, and updated the HMIs plantwide to give training to technicians and supervisors before receiving the upgraded control system.

Engineering Challenges: The biggest challenge was the limited downtime provided by the production schedules.  Additionally, ensuring communications between the new and existing systems was critical to success.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and FTView with PlantPAx technology.

Project Outcome: The customer was extremely pleased with the smooth startup of the new system.  Using thePlantPAx libraries, they now have a standard software package they can use on future systems, both upgraded and new.