Saw Bed PLC Upgrade

Saw Bed PLC Upgrade

Customer: Steel Customer

Project Type: Upgrade the existing SquareD PLC with a Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC

Project Scope: The existing system had no documentation for the program and completely lacked drawings of the existing installation.  As the first step in the process, Matrix Technologies performed field work to completely document the existing installation and developed functional requirements specification detailing saw bed operation.

Following development of the functional description, new control panel drawings and panel details were provided by Matrix for the temporary mounting of new control equipment in the existing saw bed panels. Matrix created three (3) sets of panel drawings depicting two (2) mounting systems to replace existing subpanels and one (1) NEMA 12 PLC and I/O control panel housing a 10 slot rack for the PLC and I/O.

PLC programming was based on the current version of the existing SquareD PLC program. Matrix tested the software functionality in-house at our test lab in Colorado prior to shipment of the system to the customer.

After directing the installation of the new equipment and performing I/O checkout of the new system, the new software was installed and the system was started up, while providing on-the-job training for the operators of the system.

Engineering Challenges: Complete lack of documentation on the existing system necessitated a thorough field review of existing conditions prior to design of the replacement system.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLCs

Project Outcome: System started up flawlessly and exceeded expectations of the customer.