Lime Conveying and Load Out

Lime Conveying and Load Out

Customer: Mining and Aggregate Customer

Project Type: Control system upgrade

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies engineered a PLC replacement with a hot cutover by designing a strategic migration plan. The previous PLCs were obsolete and were at risk for failure.

Matrix developed functional specifications for both the conveying and load out systems and designed the plant control networks used to interface the HMIs and PLCs. The design included fiber optic cable runs, CAT6 cable runs, and a network bill of materials as required. In conjunction with these network diagrams, Matrix updated the existing plant PLC network drawing.

Since no drawings of the system existed, Matrix used the programs to develop PLC I/O lists that included tags, descriptions, address, module type, voltage and signal type, schematic drawings, and notes. Matrix also reverse engineered the obsolete PLCs to document the current functionality of both systems.

A detailed migration plan was developed that mapped the transition from the old controls to the new controls for each PLC and associated I/O. Drawings were developed to fabricate the PLC control panels and the field junction boxes. HMI screens were developed for the systems that matched the existing screens as closely as possible in order to reduce the learning curve for the operators.

Engineering Challenges: Lack of existing documentation was the biggest challenge encountered.

Project Outcome: New system is completely reliable, and the operators are comfortable operating with the updated HMI stations.