Kiln Controls Modernization

Kiln Controls Modernization

Customer: Mining and Aggregate Customer

Project Type: Control system upgrade

Project Scope: The customer’s existing facility was operating with decades-old control equipment, primarily consisting of relay controls, hardwired operator interfaces and single-loop controllers. An upgrade of the control systems on two kilns would improve data collection capability and improve the operator controls to provide for improved efficiency of the operation, greater product quality, and meet Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) environmental standards.

The project started with an audit of the existing process and control equipment at the facility as well as the development of the overall equipment layout for the facility. Using this information, a two year control system upgrade plan was developed.

Matrix Technologies worked with the customer to develop the automation strategy and control system design requirements, including software and electrical control requirements. Allen-Bradley PLCs and Wonderware Intouch operator interfaces were used for the control platform. Extensive use of templates and design strategies were employed to provide standardization and re-use across this facility and others in the corporation. Systems were developed using these standards and the thoroughly tested in Matrix’s facilities before being installed at the plant site.

Engineering Challenges: Limited downtime was provided for the actual conversion process, so a thorough design and extensive testing was performed to ensure a smooth startup.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell Automation PLCs and Wonderware Intouch HMI

Project Outcome: This was the first of many control system upgrades performed for this customer over several years.