Unmatched Expertise in Glass Manufacturing

Gaining a competitive edge in today’s glass industry requires every part of your plant to run faster and better. The process systems in the hot end are especially critical, as they must lower production costs while improving quality and increasing productivity.

Matrix Technologies offers glass manufacturers the latest technology to meet and exceed the industry’s stringent demands to improve hot-end processes. Our project managers work with you during every phase of your project from initial design through start-up. We ensure each system meets your needs and is understood by your operators. Our team also provides post-installation support to guarantee optimal performance with minimal maintenance.

With our comprehensive experience in packaging systems, we can deliver a top-quality solution for your cold-end operations as well, a unique combination among engineering suppliers.

Matrix has engineered and installed over 500 glass manufacturing systems in over 45 countries, with applications in all segments of the glass industry including:

  • Container
  • Tableware
  • Fiberglass
  • Flat glass
  • TV tube
  • Lighting

We offer high-quality engineered solutions for every stage of glass manufacturing:

  • Batch house
  • Furnace
  • Forehearth
  • Lehr
  • Packing/Shipping

Advantages for Glass Manufacturers

Patented Skillset

Glass Industry Matrix TechnologysWe’ve developed such algorithms as an automatic pre-act adjust and cumulative error weighing strategy used in batching operations, a melter temperature control strategy used in the furnace, and a patented ACS™ algorithm used to stabilize exit glass temperatures in the forehearth.

Unparalleled Glass Industry Experience

No other systems supplier can match our commitment and dedication to the glass industry. Our engineering team encompasses a unique combination of glass process experience, including PLC and computer hardware knowledge to software programming skills to the design of control systems.

Dynamic solutions

Glass Manufacturing Engineering ServicesWe regularly integrate our systems and designs with the specialized designs of other engineering and construction firms. This flexibility gives glass manufacturers the power to custom-build the production line matching the best systems with the best batching, melting, conditioning forming, inspection, and warehousing equipment.