New Gum Manufacturing Line

New Gum Manufacturing Line

Customer:Food Customer

Project Type: Multi-discipline engineering project including structural, process, mechanical, power, electrical, instrumentation and controls.

Project Scope: The customer required engineering assistance with specifications, design, procurement, and installation for a new sugar free chewing gum line. The overall project team included personnel from the customer’s corporate engineering and plant engineering teams, Matrix Technologies, and the client’s Chinese partners.

Matrix provided engineering in the areas of powder and liquid ingredient handling and delivery, continuous mixing and scoring sections of gum process equipment, packaging equipment, and dust collection. Air handlers, chillers, and electrical power distribution were designed for utility infrastructure to support the new line.

Matrix performed equipment specification and sizing, detailed P&IDs, arrangement layouts, plan/elevations, isometrics, piping drawings, and other design documents to complete the design and construction. A 3-D model of the equipment, connections, and associated platforms and structures was generated by Matrix. Matrix designed area demands and all utilities, packaging, floor loading, and structural design of support structures and platforms.

The design and construction of a 2-level mezzanine structure to support ingredient delivery equipment was included with the project. Additional mezzanine structures were designed to support new utility equipment for the continuous mixing operations.

Engineering Challenges: The project involved several parties on different continents and time zones that needed to be tightly coordinated.  Matrix worked diligently to ensure the entire project team was properly informed and that information flowed smoothly.

Project Outcome: Project was installed on time and under budget in China.