Filling Line Electrical & Controls

Filling Line Electrical & Controls

Customer: Food Customer

Project Type: Electrical and Controls design for a new filling line

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies provided an upgrade to the customer’s filling line system. Matrix had previously successfully completed a similar upgrade for the customer at another facility. The abandoned components from this line were moved to the second facility and used as part of the new line.

Matrix provided the Electrical Specification, separate Demolition and Construction drawings that enable the Contractor to install the systems, panel assembly, and demolition with minimal field supervision and change orders.

The filling line is made up of several machine groups all connected by a series of table top conveyors. The Line Control system controls these conveyors to maintain a constant flow of cans throughout the entire line.

Programming for four (4) HMI Operator Terminals, Control Stations were developed using WW InTouch. The conveyor system is started and stopped from an HMI screen, along with alarms and reporting displays. Matrix also made modifications to various existing PLCs to communicate with the new filling line PLCs, and modify the existing HMI application, to display signals from the new line.

During the extensive testing and commissioning of the system, Matrix developed a streamlined simulation program to test and verify the system and to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Once the system was operational the line operates 24/7 year round.

Engineering Challenges: Re-use of existing equipment combined with new equipment provided a challenge to ensure that all equipment worked together seamlessly as a coordinated unit.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLCs, and Wonderware Intouch HMI software

Project Outcome: The project was very successful and met the expected production demands immediately.