Chiller Replacement Turnkey

Chiller Replacement Turnkey

Customer: Confidential

Project Type: Multi-Discipline turnkey project to install a new chiller.

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies performed a pre-engineering phase to develop scope, cost and schedule for adding a 1,200- ton chiller to the chilled water system at the facility. The chiller replaced two (2) existing units in danger of failing.

The new chiller installation required new chilled water and cooling water pumps and a new electrical transformer. The Matrix design and scope included removal and demolition of equipment that was decommissioned as a result of the new chiller installation.

Matrix performed detailed engineering design, negotiated all subcontracts, purchased the equipment and contractor services, and managed the successful installation and construction for the project.

Detailed design services included: process design and specification for the chiller, pumps, equipment foundations, and instrumentation; design of the piping system to integrate the new chiller into existing plant systems; electrical design and specification for the new transformer and all related equipment; and software development to integrate the new chiller PLC functions into the existing plant control system, including checkout and start-up services.

Engineering Challenges: Modifying an existing running facility and managing the installation during short outages presented schedule and coordination challenges.

Project Outcome: The new chiller system was installed and the old systems were removed without any unplanned downtime.