Alcoholic Beverage Mixing and Storage

Alcoholic Beverage Mixing and Storage

Customer: Beverage Industry

Project Type: Process and Piping Design

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies provided piping design services for a new process area at the customer site. The process area included indoor and outdoor storage and delivery, batch blending, an inline blending system, and discharge of the finished products to bottling. Matrix provided a detailed layout of the piping, pumps, and instruments in this new process area.

Matrix developed P&IDs and designed stainless steel piping based on the P&ID approval. Matrix detailed piping for twenty-five (25) ingredient storage tanks, multiple blending systems including in-line blending and the batch blending valve matrix, and approximately fifty (50) processing tanks.

Piping layout was developed 3-D modeling and was used to generate isometric drawings in AutoCAD format. Matrix also prepared piping plan and elevation drawings associated with the 3-D model. Matrix also developed specifications and quotes for all related instruments, valves, and pumps for the construction bid package.

Engineering Challenges: The project had a short timeline, and very little preliminary information to start the design process. The customer had not developed this level of detail in prior projects.

Products and Technologies Used: Bentley AutoPlant and AutoCAD design tools.

Project Outcome: The detailed drawings and isometrics helped the customer obtain very accurate and competitive bids.  These same drawings reduced the installation time and nearly eliminated rework of the physical installation.