Foil Lid Inspection

Foil Lid Inspection

Customer: Pharmaceutical Customer

Project Type: Mechanical, Electrical and Inspection system design services

Project Scope: Matrix Technologies provided design, fabrication, installation and start-up for two (2) identical bottle lid inspection systems for two (2) 32 oz. baby formula filling lines. Each vision inspection system consisted of the two (2) camera assemblies connected to one (1) vision inspection control system. Matrix provided the vision programming, vision hardware, vision system mounting hardware, bottle ejector mechanism,  bottle sensor, the controlling PLC, and design services for the drawings and bills of material associated with the equipment for both lines.

Engineering Challenges: The system was programmed to provide the greatest insight in diagnosing production line performance. The programming retained all failed images on the industrial computer mounted in the control panel of each foil lid inspection system. Up to 4 GB of failed images can be stored in the MS SQL database, along with associated camera inspection criteria, a date-time stamp of the image received, and the conveyor line where the image originated for review and analysis.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell  Automation PLC and FTView HMI software, along with Cognex vision system.  Custom mechanical mounting system and enclosures were provided as well.

Project Outcome: Customer was able to eliminate shipping of improperly sealed containers, increasing consumer satisfaction and decreasing returned product.