Column Packing Automation Project

Column Packing Automation Project

Customer: Pharmaceutical company

Project Type: Automation project involving PLC, HMI, and Information services

Project Scope: Project to manage the addition of a new Column Packing Room including new buffer prep and slurry tanks, CIP skid, column conditioning skid, WFI tank, and associated transfer panels. Matrix provided software design and development services, onsite implementation and support, and purchased software and hardware for the project.

Engineering Challenges: Integration into the existing facility required meticulous planning and execution to avoid affecting existing production.  The software design followed standards developed by Matrix for the customer, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

Products and Technologies Used: Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLCs were used along with FTView HMI software.  Software was installed on virtualized computer systems.

Project Outcome: Standardized design and thorough testing led to a faster than expected startup.