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Batch Recipe Viewer

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Customer: Pharmaceutical company

Project Type: XX

Project Scope: XX

Engineering Challenges: A customer with a batching system was unhappy with the recipe toolset in FactoryTalk Batch from Rockwell Automation. They were having a difficult time managing their batch recipes using the built-in toolset. The customer wanted to streamline their recipe management workflow with a visualization tool that would show a recipe’s structure, allow them to print the results, and also allow them to compare two versions of the same recipe to identify differences.

Products and Technologies Used: Matrix Technologies developed a robust WPF solution using Microsoft’s .NET framework that is compatible with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Batch Recipe files. The application displays the FactoryTalk SFC for the recipe, but lays it out in an intelligent manner using page boundaries to allow for readable printouts. The printouts also contain a summary of information about the recipe along with identifying information on each page. This helps the end-user easily match up a printout of one version of a recipe against another version. The software can compare two different recipes against one another. The comparison then generates a detailed report that lists the similarities and differences between the recipe versions. The detailed list then feeds into the customer’s checking and validation process. The software is flexible and extensible and can be updated to work as a platform-agnostic Recipe translator tool for other batch platforms, such as Delta V, in the future.

Project Outcome: XX