Matrix Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the debut of Matrix on Manufacturing, a new information resource for industrial manufacturers from the engineers of Matrix.

We’ll be sharing insights and ideas on successful approaches to process design, industrial automation engineering, and manufacturing operations management. Articles, case studies, and guides will help you discover effective solutions to industrial manufacturing challenges.

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How to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Industrial Plant Design: An Engineer’s Guide – Part 3: Estimating Scanning Costs

How to Use 3D Laser Scanning for Industrial Plant Design: An Engineer’s Guide - Part 3: Estimating Scanning Costs The cost of performing 3D laser scanning is largely based on the area of the scan needed and the proximity of the job site to the location of the scanning technician. But ensuring a complete and accurate estimate of the scanning effort usually requires additional information.Here are the relevant topics that should be addressed by your scanning professional before estimating a fee for 3D laser scannin …

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