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emp-brandon-grodi“Projects at Matrix cover an array of engineering divisions. I enjoy working with other departments and collaborating on a project whether it be in the initial design stages or the final stages of a project. Working at Matrix provides opportunity for advancement and recognition by remaining to feel like a small company while continuously adding employees.”

Brandon Grodi, PE,
Department Manager, Process Solutions Department

emp-mike-johnson“The most fulfilling project that I have worked on while at Matrix was a Modicon PLC replacement at a paint facility. It had a very tight schedule and a progressive design. I was able to design the system, then manage the construction, and see the system in operation. The project went off without a hitch and we have been doing repeat business with that customer ever since. It feels good to know that your success has led to the company’s continued success.”

Michael Johnson, PE, 
Department Manager, Power, Instrumentation, Control Department

emp-brett-rygalski“The projects we work on here are always unique; no two projects are ever the same. Most projects require us to think outside the box which makes this job so interesting. Matrix has enabled me to work on projects and go to sites I never imagined I would go to.”

Brett Rygalski, PE, LEED AP
Project Manager 2, Project Management Department

emp-deb-zimmerman“Matrix makes a great effort to encourage social interaction through numerous annual employee activities. The company feels strongly about civic responsibility and provides many opportunities for the employees to participate.”

Deborah Zimmerman, PE, 
Associate Director of Project Management, Project Management Department

“I enjoy the variety of the projects I am involved with at Matrix. During my time here I’ve been able to work on projects across several different industries. The variety of the projects keeps things interesting and I feel like I am always learning something new.”

Andrew Murphy, 
Engineer 4, Industrial Systems Division

 “Part of the reason why Matrix continues to be so successful is the time and effort that we put into developing and creating opportunities to expand our knowledge on projects. We offer many ways to keep our minds sharp from sitting in presentations and classes to passing along a helpful book. When I started here I was encouraged to always ask questions and to this day I always tell people the same thing. We continuously grow as a company and thrive on making our first priority customer satisfaction.”

Jacob Carr, 
Senior Designer, Process Solutions Department

 “I love working at Matrix because the work environment is great, and the job itself is interesting. Everyone at Matrix is friendly and personable. As one of the newer employees, it is great that the more experienced engineers are willing to help me with any questions or problems I have. Matrix has also been very flexible, and given has me a great opportunity to move to a new city and the ability to help start up a brand new regional branch.”

Tom Hudson, 
Engineer 4, Industrial Systems Division

 “I like working at Matrix because every day presents a new opportunity. Matrix employees are creative, earnest, energetic, determined, collaborative, honest, intelligent, and truly team centric. We have applied our own talents to creating tools to help us better serve our clients. With so many creative minds to collaborate with the possibilities are endless.”

Jennifer Darr-Savidge, 
Quality/Document Control Coordinator, Project Management Department

 “Since I’ve joined Matrix, I am most proud of the development of work relationships with many people here at Matrix. I feel it is a very welcoming experience joining the Matrix team. Everyone seems to care about each other here.”

Mike Garner, 
Project Manager 2, Project Management Department

 “The thing I like best about working for Matrix is the work mix and the autonomy given to get work done. The work has been challenging and the support has been very strong.”

Doug Medley, PE, 
Senior Project Engineer, Engineering Services Division

 “The variety of work that Matrix contracts is astounding; the clients and the projects are vast, and the experience gained is priceless.   Being so diverse keeps everyone on their toes. One week I was working in a battery factory and the following I was programming for the food industry. Having to learn a completely foreign process for each job is both rewarding and challenging.”

Andrew Logan,  
Engineer 2, Industrial Systems Division

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